D.I.Y Pore Minimizing Miracle Mask

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa to have beautiful, glowing, clear skin. This D.I.Y mask can accomplish that with just three ingredients.

 You will be amazed at the results after just one use! This mask will minimize your pores, reduce your blackheads, clear your skin, exfoliate, deeeep clean, and leave you with a fresh, glowing, pretty face.


1tsp activated charcoal
1tsp Aztec secret Indian healing clay
1tsp baking soda

 All you have to do is mix these ingredients together with a couple drops of water to form a smooth paste. I like to use a facial brush because it blends the ingredients so well and you can apply the mask in a smooth, even layer. This one is my favorite.Face Mask Brush by L'AUTRE PEAU - Nylon Hair Mud Mask Facial Brush Applicator - Great for Applying Facemask, Cleansers, Cream, Moisturizers, Makeup or Glycolic Treatments - DIY Cosmetic Tools

 Let the mask work it's magic for 10 minutes. Then wet your face and massage in a…

Booty Building Workout

Everyone wants a nice fit booty. This workout will accomplish just that. The magic is in the peach bands! They add the perfect amount of extra resistance to really build tha booty. I will link them down below for you.😉 This workout really targets and isolates your glutes (aka booty). So be ready to feel the burn🔥.

 We're gonna do 2 sets of 20 reps for each side . Warning, your booty is gonna be soreee tomorrow! Feel free to start with one set if you'd like.

1. Bulgarian split squats
Don't let your knees go past your toes and really push up with your heel.

2. Kickbacks 
Focus on contracting your glute muscles, not your back.

3. Doggy hydrants 
Lift your leg as high as you can.

4. Donkey kicks 
Don't arch your back.

5. Banded bridge
Lift your booty as high as you can.

6. Side leg lefts 
Keep your leg straight and flex your feet.

7. Clams 
The range of motion in this move is not very big. But, it's very effective.

 Do this workout 3 times a week in combination with a hea…

Three Supplements You Should Be Taking To Improve Your Workout Results

First, I would like to start by saying, do you NEED supplements to live a fit and healthy lifestyle? Absolutely not. But, why not give your body some support when it comes to working out. After all, you put in all that work at the gym. Surely you want to see maximum results as quickly as possible.

 Just remember, nothing can replace a nutritious balanced diet. But supplements can fill the holes that your diet is missing. Also, supplements are formulated so your body doesn't have to spend time breaking down the nutrients to absorb later. When you consume them they go right to work replenishing, repairing, and recovering.

 Here's a list of the three best supplements that give you better results from your workouts:

1. Protein Powder 
Long story short, protein is CRITICAL for everything in your body. Almost everything in your body is made from mostly protein. Protein repairs muscles and also helps to produce important enzymes and hormones your body needs. When you work out, your …

How To Form Good Habits

Think about your life for a second, the good, the bad, the whole big picture. The life you have now was built on the little things you do (or don't do) on a consistent basis. In other words, your daily habits. Habits, good or bad, are the building blocks for your life. If you want to build a better life for yourself, you must start by developing some good habits. Your goals and your habits go hand in hand. If you want to accomplish your goals, you need to have good habits that support your goals. What I have for you is some tried and true tips on how to develop good habits and make them stick!

1. One at a time  Start by focusing on one habit that will enrich your life. Give it your full attention. Don't try to to implement every good habit under the sun from day one. It's a recipe for disaster. 

2. Commit, believe, and accept  Have you ever thought to yourself "I would love to start (insert habit here) , but I would probably just cave in after a couple of days? If you …

10 Tips for Growing Long and Strong Hair.

Whenever I'm out and about, one question I'm always asked is "your hair is so long, do you have extensions?" And the answer is NO. 
About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to grow my hair as long as possible and as quickly as possible. So I did my research, experimented a little, and discovered the most effective tips for growing your hair quickly.

1. Don't wash EVERYDAY. Washing everyday strips your hair of its natural oils, which causes your hair to dry out and break off 🙁. Stick to washing every other day. Just pop on a shower cap on your non wash days to protect your style. If your hair gets oily quickly, use a dry shampoo to refresh and add volume. This is a fabulous dry shampoo and it smells amazing. Batiste Dry Shampoo, Tropical, 6.73 Ounce (packaging May Vary) -

2. Use the right brush.  Omg, it took me so long to get on board with this! For years I heard everyone raving about how amazing "the wet brush" is. My stylist even told me "you NE…

Delicious and Simple Overnight Oats

Mornings are busy! So much to do, so little time. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Wouldn't it be nice not to have to worry about making a healthy breakfast? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and have a protein packed breakfast full of nutrients made and ready just for you? Well, I'm here to make all that possible for you! This overnight oats recipe is delicious and easy to prep. It's full of all the good for you stuff your body needs to have a beautiful, successful day.

I will link the best products to use for this at the bottom of this article.

Ingredients  (one serving)
Mason jar
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 Tbs chia seeds
1 Tbs ground flax seeds
1/2 scoop protein powder

Night before eating
1 Tbs buff bake almond butter (any flavor)
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
2oz blueberries

 You can make multiple servings of the base ingredients.

 So, the recipe is SUPER simple. Just toss all the base ingredients into mason jars. Seal em' up a…

Make Ahead Meals: Santa Fe Cauliflower Rice

We all know that planning and preparation is one of the many keys to success! And girl, I want nothing more than to see you succeed. Today I'm going to share with you a delicious high protein, low carb, clean eating friendly recipe I created, my Santa Fe Cauliflower Rice. We're gonna make a big batch and portion it out into individual servings. Then you can throw it in the freezer, grab and go for a quick meal. Cuz you know, we're busy!

 The ingredients you will need:
 *2 lbs chicken breast
 *4 cups cauliflower rice
 *4 large bell peppers diced (any color)
*1/2 cup fresh chives
 *1/2 cup fresh cilantro
 *2 cans low sodium black beans
 *Low sodium taco seasoning (I use homemade)
*1/2 bottle bolthhouse farms cilantro avocado dressing

 This recipe will yield 9 freezer friendly portions.

 First, we will start by preparing the chicken. Coat a 9x9 baking pan with non -stick cooking spray. After rinsing your chicken, place in in the baking pan and sprinkle with taco seasoning. C…